Miyamoto Musashi Gi White

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New Miyamoto Musashi Lucky Gi

"I designed the Miyamoto Musashi gi because Miyamoto was the greatest samurai that ever lived. He was 60-0 on the battlefield. The way he uses his sword to kill people in all different ways is the same way that we use our hands and legs to make our opponents tap. The goal of Jiu- Jitsu is submission, so every BJJ practitioner should work on his submissions from every which way. No matter where the fight goes, we have an answer, just like Miyamoto."

-Pete O'Neal Atos Black Belt

The amazing benefits of this go are as follows:

550 Micro Pearl Weave Cotton Polly Blend - Long lasting with limited shrinking.

Polly Cotton Blend - Light weight and ridged makes it difficult for your opponent to keep a good grip.

Competition Style Pants - Tough so when you move you won't have to second guess whether or not your pants will shrivel or come loose.

Sport-fitted cut pants!

Triple Gusset Crotch - Confident Open Guard play like you are in the finals of the Worlds...

You'll have an overwhelming sense of calmness, coolness, confident, and collected-ness like never before !