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The Lucky Gi Story, An On Going Story About My Obsession with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis.
I’m a lucky guy, I grew up training with two of the Worlds Best in Jiu Jitsu Guys! Man I got stories! But this is about Lucky Gis for now.
One day I sat down On the Mat with B.J. Penn and David Camarillo and we started talking

Bj Penn Train in Lucky Gi

about Jiu Jistu gis! How we would change this or that on the gis we got, they came from Brazil mostly but sometimes Japan too. They all fit different, some fit funny in some places or how the pants limited movement in the guards. At that time people were doing a lot of different collars.
Those conversations on the mat back in the 90’s would go on every time someone would bring a new gi in the gym. We talked about probably 40 or 50 gis in including Judo gis. I think they would get annoyed by all my questions.
Later I moved to Brazil. While living in Brazil for 3 years I visited many of Brazil’s gi factories. I got over 50 sample gis made while in Brazil. I had so many gis, that when I moved back to the USA, I left 4 giant bags of gis for the local kids. Most of them were white and green and the kids looked at them all weird.
Living in Brazil was a real learning experience for me. In my life and in how to make a gi. I Started at the beginning with the cottons, to the fabric weaves and different materials, and lastly the cutting and sewing of the gi. There are a lot of good gi makers in Brazil and they really know their stuff. I learned a lot there.
Then I traveled to Pakistan. Where I was almost kidnapped! (More on that to come!) I went there to learn even more about gi manufacturing. I heard to many “You Can’t Do That!”s While I was in Brazil. So in order to produce the highest quality most comfortable gi, I needed find a factory that was open minded an would be willing to try some stuff they never done before.
The original Lucky Gis were redesigned staring from from the cotton it is made from, to the weave of the fabric. The fit of the gi was very different and the styles are very unique. But I still wanted to do more. I could see where the problems with Pakistan were. The worst part was the blatant dishonesty.
After Pakistan I visited some very good factories in China. These factories have been making gis forever and that is where all the Japanese brands have been made for years.  They have a strong back ground in Martial Arts in China over a very long time, so they are very very experienced.
Along with more knowledge they also have a much higher quality machines than in Pakistan. This improves the quality a lot.
China has also allowed us to create the first environmentally conscious designed Jiu Jitsu gi. The gi is using a new fabric for Jiu Jitsu gis. This fabric is new to us in BJJ, but in China it is an old fabric they know all about. It is Asia! The new Lucky Gis are made from Bamboo. Bamboo is much more environmentally friendly than cotton and even hemp.
Welcome to a new era in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis.
Check out the Bamboo Series Lucky Gis (™) for more information.